Our Donors

We are really thankful to all our donors for giving us opportunities and continue to trust us.

Even though NVF initiates & funds few - small projects, we are always in need of a bigger support.

All our Donor specific projects have always achieved desired outcome. NVF and the donors are equally benefited on completion of each project.

We look forward for our Donors to support us to make us self sustainable in our noble cause.

Our Donors

plus trust

Plustrust works to encourage people who make choices based on their "inner voice".

Plustrust educates and supports change makers in rural and remote locations who had poor schooling facilities .

EU support vocational training for job creation, economic growth and sustainable development.

CDS was established as a non-profit organization to create awareness on social, political and economic rights of Dalit communities and to build their skills

We are an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation working for the holistic development of parentless children, women and children belonging to vulnerable families.